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Poway, California is one of the sunniest places in San Diego. The great weather and the nice outdoor character of the city makes it a great place to explore whether with family or friends. But not all visitors can have the time to explore everything that Poway has to offer. Here are some suggested areas to visit and things to do when in Poway for a limited time like two days.

Potato Chip Rock is one of the most popular attractions in Poway, California. (Photo Credits)

The website Your North County came up with a list of areas to visit when in Poway, and the famous Potato Chip Rock topped their list.  Potato Chip Rock is located between Poway and Ramona. Poway Wiki

“Tourists and locals flock to the Mount Woodson trail just to take a picture on Potato Chip Rock. The thin rock seems to defy gravity, and even though it’s only about 20 feet above the ground, the right camera angle can make it seem like you’re death-defying. Besides the great pictures, the summit also offers great views. The main trail that leads to the summit begins at Lake Poway and is almost 7 miles long.”

Check out the rest of their article here.

Poway with Kids

For families with young children, a trip to the Poway Dolls and Toys Museum is a must. The museum is located in Midland Road. Family Travel Website recommends this attraction as it will surely make for a fun day with kids.

“This fun family museum loves to celebrate how important “play” is in a child’s life – even the development of adults too! They love that everyone has something in common, no matter what background or age – toys! It’s true – we all enjoyed playing with toys as children. They allow children to use their imagination, create and have a great time with friends.”

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Park Day

The website also came up with its recommended activities when visiting Poway, California. One of their suggested things to do for vacationers is to visit the Old Poway Park along Midland Road.

“Old Poway Park is one of the favorite parks in town, spacious and full of all sorts of activities and attractions. You can stroll through it along the meandering trails, have a family picnic, or get the feel of California in the early 20th century by hopping on the fun Poway Midland Railroad cable car. The Depot Store at the train station has wooden Thomas trains for kids to play with.”

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Poway is indeed a fun city to visit!

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