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The town of Mira Mesa is a haven for those with sweet tooth. With the many bakeshops, dessert places and café the best sweet finds that can be offered, Mira Mesa, California truly is the desert haven that it is known to be.

Friendly skies and sunny weather at Mira Mesa in San Diego, California. (Photo Credits)

Nora’s Baklava for instance has been an institution in Mira Mesa, with its best-made, family style Baklava that has been Americanized. Their quaint shop is located over Mesa Rim Road. In their official website they mentioned what sets them apart from other dessert bars in Mira Mesa and the rest of San Diego.

“This American style Baklava, which was created here in the United States, has been geared towards satisfying your taste-buds to ensure your absolute satisfaction. There are no preservatives and its made with only the highest quality ingredients. Nora’s Baklava was created by Nora Chaya a kind hearted and hard working mother in San Diego, CA. Perfecting this recipe she one day hoped to set out and show the world what she has created”

Check out their Baklava’s in their online store here.

Dessert drinks are also very much authentic and delightful. Meet Fresh along Mira Mesa Boulevard for instance creates Bobba Dessert Drinks that are up a higher notch than the usual bobba drinks.  In their official website they also featured other authentic Taiwan desserts that they offer alongside their exquisite drinks.

“Sister and Brother Fu grew up in a family which has been farming for generations in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan. Using selected ingredients and traditional processes, they made soft taro balls and delicate herbal jelly desserts. They adhered strongly to the belief to serve customers the best tasting desserts and believed sincerity to be the key to customer’s satisfaction.”

Check out their dessert offerings in their website here.

Mira Mesa also has a sweet solution to the Sunny San Diego weather – The San Diego Snowy Village over at Mira Mesa Boulevard. This shop offers ice-based desserts that will truly capture the hearts of those who just love sweets.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop over at Mesa Shopping Center has been a favorite in this community too. This chain of bakeshops offers cakes with familiar tropical flavors from the Philippines like Mango and Taro. In their web page, they recounted how the business started in the Philippines, and brought to the Unitesd States in 1984.

“RED RIBBON BAKESHOP grew from a homemaker’s hobby of baking cakes, lovingly shared in the frequent get-togethers of a typical extended family. She accommodated orders from family members who in turn shared their delight with a wider circle of relatives and friends. When she adorned cake boxes with a red ribbon, the hobby turned into a business.”

Check out their cakes and pastries in their official website here.

When craving for sweet endings, Mira Mesa is definitely the place to go.

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