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Bubble Tea could be one of the famous cold beverages in and around San Diego. With the many Bubble tea places, some would inevitably rise to stardom, while some would be classified as so-so.

Bubble tea can be very refreshing to drink. (Photo Credits)

But what is bubble tea? And why has it become very popular? Bubble tea originated from Taiwan and is usually made of tea – fruit infused or otherwise – and is mixed with black tapioca pearls that are both sweet and chewy. Some tea shops also offer it with fruit smoothies and other blended, flavored drink.

Food blog has explained why bubble tea has grown exponentially in terms of popularity, even in the west. “Chewy tapioca balls in iced tea; doesn’t sound appealing? I was sceptical at first too, but there’s something novel yet practical about the squishy, chewy tapioca balls in cold, milky, sweet, flavoured tea that’s both thirst-quenching and hunger-busting. In addition, it’s great for when you’re on-the-go because most bubble tea bars use a sealing machine to put a flat cellophane seal over the cup.  This prevents leaking until you pierce the sealed top with a fat straw – which allows you to suck up the last of the delicious ‘bubbles.’”

The full explanation can be found here.

San Diego’s Best Bubble Tea Houses

SD Tasty has rounded up the most popular and well-loved bubble tea places in the San Diego area, specifically within the Kearny Mesa area. Camelia RD Tea Bar along Clairemont Mesa is one of the tea houses they featured in their list of best tea places in San Diego.

“If you want premium Boba teas made from scratch, not just some blended base, Camellia Rd Tea Bar is where you should head. Yes, the price per cup is slightly higher than what you’ll find at other places. However, there’s a reason for that! Each of their teas is made from loose-leaf, high-quality tea. They also use real milk, not just powdered, dried milk, for their drinks.”

The rest of the list can be found here.

Tea Places in San Diego

Spoon University also came up with a list of bubble tea places that are worth checking out when in California. In San Diego, they recommend the OO Tea.

“OO Tea is relatively new to the San Diego foodie scene, but they’re originally from Taiwan and claim to have been ranked as the country’s No. 1 milk tea store. Order their mini tapioca balls for double the fun of regular boba.”

Read about their other suggested tea places in the original post here.

Bubble Tea is indeed popular in San Diego County.

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