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Coffee lovers usually seek out coffee anywhere they go. Fortunately for coffee enthusiasts visiting Poway, California, this will not be an issue because there are several coffee places that serve unique and excellent brews!

Coffee will always be delightful to savor when in Poway, San Diego. (Photo Credits)

The House of Black – Sabre Springs over at Poway Road is one of the artisan coffee shops that is a must visit. In their official website they mentioned about how they went about establishing their coffee shop that prides itself from serving high quality coffee that is culturally-distinct.

“Our mission is to redefine stereotypes by bringing fresh vibes with fresh coffee, one cup at a time. Our goal is to serve excellent small batch, craft coffee roasted locally here in San Diego, California. We want to share our passion for high quality coffee with our community in a unique, inviting experience. We typically carry 3-4 single origin coffee beans at any given time.”

Their official website can be found here.

Another coffee shop to check out is the King’s Craft over at Espola Road. King’s Coffee is run by a local family, who runs the business by treating their customers and the whole Poway – San Diego as part of their own. They offer different types of coffee including imported and carefully curated roasts, and ready to drink cold brewed coffee. Poway Wiki

“We have a strong pull on our hearts for social responsibility and want to give back to the community we feel so blessed to be a part of. The Kings Craft Coffee Company (TKC) will allow us to meet this goal. TKC will be donating a portion of our sales of select items to non-profit organizations.”

Check out their coffee products in their official website here.

Another coffee place often recommended by locals is the Nutmeg Bakery and Café over at Sabre Springs, Springway in Poway. The website Your North County Guide has included this coffee shop as one of its recommended places to get a cup of Joe.

“Situated in an unassuming strip mall in Sabre Springs (west of Poway), Nutmeg has racked up its healthy share of local fans. Serving Caffe Calabria coffee, seasonal foods (breakfast, brunch, and lunch), gluten-free and vegan menu items, and sweet delights from its vast pastry case, Nutmeg makes culinary and coffee magic happen in an industrial-like, open space with bar seating, booth areas, and tables situated next to outlets. If you’re looking for an office away from home, Nutmeg is it.”

Take a look at the rest of their list here.

Coffee is indeed something that is definitely best enjoyed when in Poway, California.

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