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Improving indoor air quality is essential in maintaining good health. What is not known to many homeowners is that the air inside their home can also be polluted. There are known indoor air pollutants that could be lurking in the house, and most often, homeowners and their household members are unaware of these. HVAC in 4s Ranch

Here are some of the most common indoor air pollutants that affect the indoor air quality inside the home:

1. Asbestos or any other building material that could emit noxious fumes and hazardous chemicals into the air. Asbestos is a compound that has been used in the construction materials used to built older homes. It is a carcinogen and is now a banned substance, as it can cause irreversible health damage. Renovations can disturb asbestos, and launch its deadly fibers into the air. When living in an older home, or remodeling one, it is crucial to check for Asbestos presence.

2. Any molds. Molds love moisture, and they can grow within the next 48 hours when moisture is not eliminated. Water damage from leaky pipes and plumbing problems are usual offenders. So are seals and cracks within the home that lets moisture and promotes humidity. When molds develop, respiratory issues and allergies are not far off as it drastically affects indoor air quality. What to Know when Upgrading your HVAC System in 4s Ranch

3. Gas stoves. Some 4S ranch homes still rely on gas stoves as it is economical. The fumes, though, can lower indoor air quality and pose a health hazard. It may be a good idea to upgrade into an induction cooker or an electric stove to reduce indoor air pollution when cooking.

4. Synthetic air fresheners including those that are diffused, sprayed into the air, or just left by itself to deodorize various spaces at home.

The homeowner must be aware of these indoor pollutants. He should also arm himself with information on how to improve indoor air quality in his 4S ranch home. Moreover, increasing ventilation at home can help raise the indoor air quality. Make sure to open the windows at least 20 to 30 minutes each day to hasten indoor air circulation. Exhaust fans can also be particularly helpful in humid areas like the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the laundry room.