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Common AC Problems and What To Do in Mira Mesa

Air conditioning problems can be common in any household in Mira Mesa. It is something that can be delayed through careful maintenance and thoughtful use, but AC issues are inevitable. AC problems can occur regardless of the way it was maintained. While ill-maintained AC units may break down earlier than better-maintained units, all types of cooling equipment are bound to fail a couple of times before it is finally retired. Air conditioning repair san diego

In Mira Mesa, AC problems are the reason why HVAC Contractors offer emergency services. Emergency HVAC contractor services mean one-hour response time, same-day scheduling, or even weekend or after office hour repair work. 

Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems in Mira Mesa residential properties, and what homeowners should do to prevent these.  

  1. Thermostat troubles. Sometimes, the thermostat acts up and affects the whole performance of the air conditioning unit. The homeowner should make sure that it is correctly installed in a neutral area in the house. Neutral means there are no heat-producing appliances next to it. If the thermostat troubles persist, the homeowner should immediately consult a local HVAC Contractor in Mira Mesa. AC is not cooling, usually. When the air conditioning unit fails to deliver cold air to the house, it means there is something wrong with it. The homeowner should check first, though if the thermostat is set at the right temperature. If it is, he has to check if any piece of furniture or curtain does not block the vents. If nothing is obstructing the vents, then the filters may be clogged.  San Diego AC repair

Neglecting the filters could spell discomfort and trouble to AC operation. It could burden the mechanism as it will have difficulty getting air to pass through its clogged and dirty filters. The homeowner should check the filters and clean or replace them. Washable filters need to be washed in detergent and dried thoroughly before reinstallation. Disposable filters, on the other hand, need to be replaced on time. It is best to have replacement filters on hand so that filter replacements will not get delayed. 

Another reason why an AC will not cool the whole house like before is an obstructed outer unit. When the condenser is full of debris and dust, it may not work optimally. Homeowners should check the condenser unit regularly, and ensure an unobstructed airflow from it. As a general rule, an 18-inch space within the perimeter of the condenser should be observed to ensure adequate airflow. 

Another common reason for non-cooling is low levels of refrigerant. Aging air conditioning units or those being used for a couple of years already may have insufficient refrigerant levels. This needs to be refilled by a qualified HVAC contractor in Mira Mesa to restore normal cooling levels. It is also possible that the non-cooling is due to leaking refrigerant. Again, only a licensed AC technician can diagnose and remediate this matter. 

3. The AC’s breaker or the fuse keeps on tripping. When the AC keeps on turning off because of the circuit breaker or fuse, then the equipment may be overburdened. AC units are overburdened because it has a lingering issue that is not addressed. When this occurs, immediately seek the assistance of a licensed HVAC contractor in Mira Mesa so he could troubleshoot and repair the matter. 

4. Unusual odor and strange sounds. Weird sounds and even weirder odors drive Mira Mesa residents to call an HVAC contractor for help. Strange odors could spell trouble, notably the burning smell or rotten egg odor. These are usually considered as emergency repair calls as it may trigger a safety hazard. Moreover, weird sounds, on the other hand, clue in that there is an issue with the AC’s mechanism. Usually, something came loose or broke. Regardless of the matter, homeowners should note the onset and type of unusual sounds and odors and immediately report it to a local HVAC contractor.