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Common HVAC Problems and What To Do in Carmel Mountain Ranch

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system issues are bound to occur on any household in Carmel Mountain Ranch. HVAC issues can be inevitable, because of HVAC units age, and suffer wear and tear through its years of operation. AC repair in 92128

Common HVAC issues in Carmel Mountain Ranch can affect the comfort levels at home.

And while careful maintenance can help prevent AC issues from surfacing, it can only delay breakdowns due to equipment age. It is, therefore, essential to know a reputable AC Company or HVAC contractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch who can immediately respond to AC issues that may occur. Shrugging off AC issues can cause more significant equipment damage, higher electricity bill, and, sometimes, evolve into a safety or health risk. 

 So here are some of the most common HVAC problems in Carmel Mountain Ranch, and how homeowners should deal with them:

The HVAC is not cooling the whole house enough. When the central air conditioning unit fails to deliver cold air throughout the home, there could be something wrong with any of the following:

  1. The thermostat. Check if the thermostat is set at the right temperature. Check if it is working correctly.
  2. The filter is likely clogged. Take a look at the filter system of the AC. It may be getting clogged with dirt and dust. Filters should be regularly replaced or washed and cleaned. Neglecting the filters could burden the AC system, and give it a hard time working. 
  3. The air vents are blocked. The vents may be accidentally closed in a specific area. It is also possible that a piece of furniture or curtains accidentally prevents it. 
  4. Neglected condenser. A dirty or obstructed condenser or outer unit could inhibit the AC from cooling the whole house. The condenser has to have unobstructed airflow for it to function optimally. When debris or trash or leaves block it, it becomes harder for it to work.  
  5. Low or leaking refrigerant. A leaking refrigerant or lowered levels of this chemical is another common culprit of non-cooling air conditioners. Only a licensed HVAC technician in Carmel Mountain Ranch can diagnose and address this issue. 
  6. HVAC Duct Leaks. Significant leaks within the HVAC ducts are another possible cause of uneven cooling. Check out the ducts or have a professional HVAC Contractor inspect the central ducts for leakage. The contractor needs to address the matter as soon as possible to restore convenience and prevent bills from skyrocketing further. 
  7. Malfunctioning condenser motor is another issue that only a local contractor can diagnose. The condenser motor can either be repaired or replaced to restore the HVAC unit’s normal cooling power. 
  8. Faulty compressor. This is the worst that could happen to any AC as compressors are costly. Usually, it will need to be replaced, and by the time it breaks down, the unit is generally beyond the warranty period. At this time, it is best to ask the local Carmel Mountain Ranch HVBAC contractor if it is more practical to repair the current HVAC or just upgrade to a new one. 
  9. Malfunctioning thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat can spell trouble to any home. Refrain from installing it next to heat-generating appliances such as stoves, gas ranges, ovens, induction cookers, dishwashers, or even clothes dryers. Also, consider upgrading into a smart or programmable thermostat that could raise the efficiency levels of the HVAC system. 
  10. Strange noises and sounds. When the HVAC produces strange noises and sounds, it is usually because of mechanical issues. Homeowners should take note of the type of sound or odor, and when this started to occur. Get in touch with a local HVAC contractor who can check and remediate the concern. 
  11. Blown fuses. When overburdened, the HVAC tends to demand more energy. This higher demand for power consumption could trip breakers or electric fuses. Get in touch with a local HVAC Contractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch right away.