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Common AC Repairs for Residential AC Systems in Duck Pond Ranch

Encountering air conditioning issues in Duck Pond Ranch can be inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how well an Air Conditioning San Diego unit is maintained, several factors may come into play and cause breakdowns from time to time. And while adequate maintenance can keep ACs working in optimal condition, it could not prevent issues related to aging and normal wear and tear. 

Here are some of the most common San Diego AC repair issues for residential air conditioning systems in the Duck Pond Ranch area:

  1. The air conditioner is not cooling the whole house enough. Uneven or lack of cooling is a typical AC complaint among residential homeowners. Usually, the concern involves the AC not cooling all rooms like before, or secondly, the cooling power is not like before. Here are some of the possible reasons: 

a. Malfunctioning thermostat. Either the thermostat is set at the wrong temperature, or has no more batteries. It could also be due to issues with the thermostat itself.

b. Clogged filters. Sometimes, when the filters are clogged, the air conditioning system has a hard time cooling the whole house, or a specific area. It is best to replace filters on time to avoid clogging and overworking the system. 

c. Blocked air registers. Sometimes, vents and air registers are accidentally closed or blocked by pieces of furniture or curtains. Before concluding that the AC is generating uneven cooling, check all vents around the home if air can freely flow from these. 

d. Lack of leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is the chemical that allows the air conditioning system to cool the air inside the house. If the system already lacks refrigerant, then it means that an AC technician in Duck Pond Ranch should refill it. If it has just been recently refilled, but it still seems not working, then there may be a leak somewhere. 

  1. The air conditioner is emitting a foul odor. Air conditioning units should not produce any odor, so when it does, inevitably, there is an ongoing issue. Foul odors can either be burning odor, sweaty socks odor, or rotten egg odor. The burning odor may mean malfunctioning; hence, the power supply in the air conditioning unit should be turned off right away. Sweaty socks smell meanwhile clue into possible mold infestation in the AC system. Rotten egg odor meanwhile is dangerous as it means that there is a potential natural gas leak. 
  2. Strange sounds are also referred to as technicians in Duck Pond Ranch. Odd sounds can either be a clanking, banging, clicking, or screeching sound. These sounds are usually indicative of mechanical failure.