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Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency in Lake Hodges

Nothing makes a home more comfortable than an efficiently working air conditioning system.

Air conditioning efficiency can do wonders towards the comfort, convenience, and budget savings in a household. In Lake Hodges, most residential property owners are aware that a well-maintained and fully-efficient air conditioning brings convenience to everyone in the house. San Diego AC repair

For new Lake Hodges homeowners, or those wanting to make their air conditioning units efficient, here are some tips on improving AC efficiency:

  1. Do not neglect the filters. One of the golden rules for AC efficiency is the periodic cleaning or replacement of AC filters. Regardless of the type of AC system, or filter, filters need to be replaced or washed on time. Clogged and dirty filters tax the AC system. It makes the AC work harder than it should, and consume more energy than it should be using up. If a homeowner aims to make his AC work efficiently, he should start with keeping his air conditioning filters clean. 
  2. Use only the specified filters for the AC system. There is a particular specification that matches each AC in terms of filter use. If a homeowner suddenly decides to use a higher MERV filter than what his equipment specifies, then the system might have a hard time getting air through the filters. When this occurs, the AC would consume more electricity and drive up utility bills. Moreover, it will cause undue wear and tear on the system since its mechanism is being utilized in full force. Air Conditioner Servicing
  3. Keep the airflow in the outer unit unobstructed. Free-flowing air from the condenser is essential in keeping the AC running efficiently. Always check on the condenser unit, and remove dust and debris that may have stuck on it.
  4. Consider using fans around the house. Fans complement the cooling power of air conditioning systems as it quickly spreads cold air throughout the house. With a fan in place, there is no need to max out on the air conditioning levels to feel cold at home immediately. 
  5. Schedule a bi-annual professional preventative maintenance. These professional tune-ups of local Lake Hodges HVAC contractors can drastically help in making air conditioning systems even more efficient. Thorough maintenance checks weed out possible AC issues even before they escalate into more significant AC problems. Moreover, it keeps the mechanism working correctly so that it will operate optimally. 
  6. Use window coverings to help keep warm air out of the house. Additionally, ensure that insulations are in perfect working condition. 
  7. Check the HVAC ducts for leaks and other issues such as pests or mold growth. A yearly professional inspection would not hurt, because duct leaks will unquestionably coerce the AC to work harder than it should.