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Air Conditioning Maintenance Guide for Elfin Forest Homes

Here is an HVAC Maintenance Guide for residences in San Elijio Homes.

Keeping an Elfin Forest Home air conditioning equipment well-maintained is a doable task for any homeowner. It is not a huge chore, nor does it require a substantial amount of money. All it requires is a set amount of time in a month, bi-annual maintenance budget, and the conscious effort of a homeowner to keep his AC in its optimal condition. 

There are two main types of AC systems used in Elfin Forest Homes: The central air conditioning system, and the mini=split air conditioning system. While both require professional HVAC Near Me servicing periodically, there is a bit of difference in the maintenance chores for these two ACs. 

Here is an easy to follow air conditioning maintenance guide for Elfin Forest Homes:

For Central Air Conditioning Units:

  1. Replace filters regularly. Filters should be replaced on schedule to avoid clogging and overworking of the AC system. Clogged filters make the air conditioning equipment work harder and consume more electricity. Moreover, it gives way to undue wear and tears on the equipment, which could cause earlier malfunctioning and breakdowns. Keep an outdoor unit free from dirt and debris. Do not neglect the condenser as its operation is critical to the efficient operation of the central AC system. Ensure an unobstructed airflow on the outside unit. 
  2. Ensure that the central air conditioning ducts are inspected from time to time. Refer issues to a professional HVAC Contractor in case there are leaks, mold issues, or pest problems.
  3. Clean the vents and air registers regularly. Remove visible dust so that these will not affect the indoor air quality levels at home. 
  4. Schedule a bi-annual maintenance service from a San Elijio Homes HVAC San Diego Contractor. Preventative and thorough inspections are best carried out before summer.

For mini-split air conditioning system:

  1. Clean the filters regularly. Make sure that the filters are thoroughly dried before replacing them. Dirty filters affect indoor air quality levels, as well as the operational efficiency of the AC. 
  2. Do not neglect the condenser. Ensure that it is clean, free from debris, and anything that will block the airflow from the unit. 
  3. Schedule an at least twice a year professional maintenance and cleaning schedule for the air handlers and the condenser units. These checks will hopefully catch issues before they blow out of proportion and cause air condition breakdowns. It can also help remediate existing problems right away. Moreover, these tune-ups can help raise the efficiency levels of the air conditioning unit. An efficiently operating air conditioning system consumes minimal electricity, and at the same time, lasts longer compared to the ill-maintained cooling equipment.