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Air Conditioning Summer Tips for Torrey Glenn Homes

Summertime is the best time to keep the air conditioning in top condition. And why not, it is almost overused at this time. With the AC functioning at the maximum cooling capacity day in and day out. In Torrey Glenn homes, nearly every household has an air conditioning unit, and these AC units must be well maintained primarily during summer. 

Here are some useful tips to maximize air conditioning use without damaging the budget during the summer months:

  1. Do not overwork the air conditioning unit of a house in Torrey Glenn Homes. Give the AC unit a respite by keeping it in minimal cooling levels during the evening, early morning, or colder parts of the day. It is best to turn down cooling when no one is at home, or if there is a zoning feature, turn this on to maximize the energy efficiency capabilities of the HVAC system. This way, the air conditioning unit is not forced to overwork, even when no one needs cooling at home.

Installing a programmable thermostat can make it more convenient for homeowners to adjust the temperature inside their homes whenever they are leaving or when it is nighttime, and it is colder. Regularly replace the air conditioning filter. Regular filter replacement is the best way to keep the AC working at top efficiency. When the air flows freely through the filters, the AC does not need to exert extra force to keep the whole house cool. No extra work would mean just the right energy consumption, even in the middle of the summer. Make sure as well that the filter being used for the HVAC has the same specifications as recommended by the AC manufacturer. Using a filter that is beyond the recommended specification can overwork the air conditioning system, and eventually cause issues. HVAC Contractor

  1. Consider using fans around the house in Torrey Glenn Homes. Ceiling fan for one is beneficial and can complement the cooling powers of the AC unit without taxing it. A ceiling fan can immediately spread cold air in an area in the house, unlike an AC that would take time to make people feel cool after being out in the sun. Having a ceiling fan eliminates the need to crank up the AC, prompting it to overwork and overuse energy. 
  1. Do not skip professional HVAC Near Me tune-up and inspection. Preventative maintenance is essential, and it should be done twice a year in Torrey Glenn Homes. Make sure that the end of Spring professionally inspects the HVAC system, so that come summer; it will not bog down once using round the clock.