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A failing HVAC unit is frustrating, that most homeowners who end up replacing their malfunctioning unit no longer wanted to experience the stress of an HVAC breakdown. One solution provided by licensed HVAC companies is an HVAC Service Contract.

In essence, a service contract automatically schedules HVAC maintenance and tune-up to avoid a furnace or heater bogging down at the most inopportune time. It assures the homeowner that it will work any time it is needed.

Introduction about Service Contracts for HVAC systems

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

There are several types of Service Contracts for HVAC systems. One type is a Scheduled Maintenance Plan which automatically sets an HVAC tune-up and maintenance appointment twice a year. This is helpful since most homeowners tend to forget about professional maintenance check-ups until such time that they encounter an issue. By having a recurring appointment that is scheduled and confirmed, homeowners will have no reason to forget about getting their cooling and heating system professionally tuned up.

Experts say that HVAC systems that are regularly checked have lesser chances of breaking down since possible issues are discovered and remediated even before they start to affect the functionality of the HVAC system.

We at Reliable Standard Heating and Air offer this type of service contract, and we are more than happy to help you keep your HVAC system working in its top condition, especially throughout winter.

Extended Service Plan

An extended service plan is the best way to avoid unnecessary repair and maintenance expenses related to the HVAC system. By having an extended service plan, the homeowner gets a warranty that covers the cost of labor for replacing any HVAC parts that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Usually, this type of service plan is offered by an HVAC manufacturer, who in turn endorses third-party HVAC companies, like us at Reliable Standard Heating and Air. This is usually available for buyers of brand new HVAC units until their fifth year of owning the HVAC system, It could get extended for another five years, and this will be all up to the decision of the homeowner.

For example, the HVAC service company will replace — free of labor cost, any parts that are still under the warranty of the HVAC manufacturing company. Having this kind of HVAC service contract reduces the homeowner’s stress on unforeseen servicing expenses. Complemented with a scheduled maintenance plan, this is a perfect HVAC Service Contract to have for owners of brand-new HVAC units.          

What does an HVAC service contract cover?

Usually, HVAC service contracts cover bi-annual HVAC maintenance and tune-ups that include labor fees but not parts meant for replacement. Most of the time, the HVAC company bundles its service contract with a priority service tag that offers immediate repair and assistance. They could also offer special discounts on parts and accessories.

Below are some of the items usually covered in standard HVAC service contracts:

  • Labor fees for scheduled maintenance and minor repairs
  • Cost of minor parts like screws, fuses, and the like.
  • Cost of maintenance and repair supplies like solvents and lubricants.
  • Discounted rates for major parts and supplies needed for repairs.
  • Emergency servicing costs
  • Some contracts may or may not cover the air filter, find out the location of air filter here and how to change your ac air filter here.

Most HVAC contracts are bought by homeowners alongside their brand-new HVAC equipment, Other times, it is bought following consistent servicing with a company they came to trust. Buying an HVAC Service contract is like having automatic servicing. Instead of the homeowner calling the company for a scheduled maintenance service, it will be the company that will call up the homeowner to schedule the tune-up at the owner’s most convenient time.

Before availing of a service contract, it is best for the homeowner to look back and see the usual maintenance and repair needs of their HVAC system. Ask the company if there are prepaid options to avail servicing that could help prevent similar breakdowns in the future. Likewise, if the owner prefers, he can also ask if there is an option to “pay as you go” to ease the burden of settling sizeable upfront payments.

The benefits of having an HVAC Service Contract

There are several advantages to signing up for an HVAC Service Contract. The main benefit though is having professional maintenance and HVAC tune-ups on ‘autopilot’ mode. There is no reason to not have the furnace or the heat pump checked right before winter when it will be used 24/7. Our representative will be giving you a call before the onset of summer to schedule your air conditioning tune-up, and then right before winter to give the heat pump or furnace the maintenance care that it needs. You can also count on us to come to your rescue, if and when your HVAC fails, as emergency servicing is part of the HVAC Service Contract that we offer.

So, in essence, HVAC Service Contracts give homeowners the peace of mind that their heating and cooling system will work when they need it the most. It guarantees that they do not need to pay up way too much than what is needed, especially if their unit is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to HVAC Service Contracts, you have us!

We at Reliable Standard Heating and Air are known for offering the most customer-oriented HVAC Service Contracts. With us, you can make sure that your HVAC unit will keep your home warm in the winter, and cold during the summer.

You can count on our scheduled maintenance servicing to keep your HVAC in top condition. We will be more than happy to be put in charge of ensuring your household’s overall comfort by providing bi-annual HVAC tune-ups that are truly beneficial for your home cooling and heating system. Apart from reliability, consistent professional maintenance helps ensure the longevity of any HVAC system, helping homeowners save more.

Should you have any questions about our HVAC Service Contract, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Reliable Standard Heating and Air. We can discuss with you the provisions of every type of servicing contract that we offer, plus the benefits that come with it. Our hotlines are open, and you may also reach us through our online platform. Call us today!