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HVAC Summer Tips for 4s Ranch Homes

4S Ranch homeowners are used to having terrific summers. As one of the neighborhoods in sunny San Diego, beating the summer heat is part of the happy summer months in 4s Ranch. But like in any house, summer loses its spark when the HVAC system breaks down. Air Conditioning repair

Enjoy 4S Ranch summers even more with an efficient air conditioning system.

To keep the central air conditioning unit or the HVAC running in optimal condition throughout the summer months, homeowners should be mindful of how they use the AC, and be conscious about keeping it well-maintained. 

Here are some summer HVAC Tips for 4s Ranch homeowners:

  1. Keep extra replacement filters at home. By having additional sets of filters at home, there will be no reason not to change the AC filters. Clogged and dirty filters make the AC work harder, lowers cooling comfort levels, and cause indoor air quality to suffer. Make sure to replace filters on time, all the time. For washable filters, have a set schedule for washing, and thoroughly dry the filters before reinstalling them. Set phone or visual reminders to avoid forgetting about the cleaning or filter replacement schedule. Take a look at the condenser unit from time to time. If the outer unit is near a tree or shrubs, make sure that the perimeter is free from any obstruction. Anything that blocks the airflow from the condenser can affect the ACs operations, especially during the summer months, when the AC is used 24/7.
  2. Upgrade to a Smart or programmable thermostat. Smart or programmable thermostats automatically adjust temperatures at home to minimal cooling levels to keep the AC from consuming more energy than needed. This does not only give respite to the household budget, but it also provides the AC with an opportunity to rest. By not overworking the system, it is less likely to malfunction.
  3. Use fans to unburden the AC. Ceiling fans and floor fans help the air conditioning unit distribute cold air quickly. Instead of prompting homeowners to out the AC on high, fans will cool people indoors right away such that they will no longer see the need to max out the AC. 
  4. Use curtains to keep out the sun from heating the whole home. Make sure insulations are working correctly. Take a look at the HVAC ducts and see if there are leaks that will make the AC work harder. If there are any leaks, refer the matter to an HVAC contractor so he could repair the ducts. Also, seal what needs to be resealed, check the weather stripping, and make sure that the caulking is still okay. 
  5. Do not skip the bi-annual professional 4s ranch HVAC contractor maintenance. Periodic thorough inspections will prevent AC troubles, and at the same time will keep the AC working in its best condition. The tune-up and maintenance work will keep the AC working like a well-oiled machine.