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Ways to Lower AC Costs in Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is known for its enjoyable summers and fun-filled outdoor activities. But like any other place in California, its residents still need the cool respite they can find inside their respective homes. But since AC systems will be on high levels round the clock during the summer months, residents have come to accept that higher electricity rates are inevitable. Air Conditioner Servicing

In reality, though, there are ways to keep electricity costs at more manageable rates even during the hot summer months. Here are some tips on how Carmel Valley homeowners can lower their AC costs:

  1. Do not leave the Air Conditioning unit working on high levels even when no one is at home, or when it is not too hot outside. Giving the HVAC system a respite can help it become more energy efficient. Raise the temperature at home before nighttime when it is not sunny and too humid. At the same time, adjust the temperatures before leaving the house. If this is too much work, then invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. This contraption can automatically adjust the temperature at home at minimal levels to prevent the central air conditioning unit from overworking and using up too much energy. Replace the filters in the schedule. Keeping a regular filter replacement schedule can help lower AC bills. A clogged and dirty filter forces the AC unit to work harder and consume more energy than needed, driving up to AC costs. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when replacing the filters. Just use the filters that have the same specifications as indicated in the HVAC owner’s manual. AC Repair
  2. Cover up the windows. Outside the home, cover up home openings with trees. Yes, these make time to grow, but soon, the homeowners can reap the effects of having plants next to windows where the Sun can shine so brightly. The sunrays make it harder for the AC to keep the desired levels of temperature at home. When the AC works harder, the electric bills will surely soar. 

Inside the Carmel Valley home, it is best to use curtains or blinds to keep sunshine away. This will keep the sun rays from making the house hot, and at the same time, it helps keep cold air indoors.

  1. Use electric fans around the house. The living room and other rooms at home will benefit from the use of ceiling fans. Fans make a person feel cooler faster as it immediately distributes the cold air produced by the HVAC system. A central AC meanwhile will take longer to make a person feel cool, especially if the person just came from outdoors. Use floor fans, desk fans, or stand fans in smaller areas, or in portions of the home where heat-generating appliances are used. Fans can help remove hot air inside the house by blowing it out. For instance, in the kitchen where ovens and stoves are used, a fan can come in handy in removing the warm air. The same also occurs in the laundry room, where the drier can make the room feel warmer. 
  2. Use common sense. This may be harsh advice, but using common sense can help a household save a couple of hundred of dollars in AC bills. For instance, dressing according to season indoors can help prevent a household member from maxing out the cooling levels of the AC. Showering regularly can help a person feel cooler. Moreover, hanging out in the basement when it is too hot in the ground and upper-level portions of the house can help feel cold without pushing the AC to work harder and consume more electricity. Hydrating well, and drinking up cold beverages can also help in feeling comfortable and fresh during the scorching months of summer.