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Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips for Torrey Highlands

Summertime is the time when air conditioning units get overworked. HVAC units operate round the clock at higher cooling levels to contend with the scorching heat outside. For such reason, HVAC units in homes at Torrey Highlands must remain well maintained. AC Companies

Here are some summer HVAC Maintenance tips for Torrey Highlands:

  1. Make sure that the HVAC system has been inspected and tuned up by a licensed Torrey Highlands HVAC Professional. Professional preventative maintenance inspection conducted before summer hits is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the HVAC System. Get in touch with an HVAC Contractor in Torrey Highlands before the Spring season ends. End of Spring is the best time to have the HVAC tuned up and inspected as most HVAC Companies are not yet preoccupied, and it is easier to get a schedule. Preventive maintenance help in weeding out possible issues and remediating them right away. By immediately addressing issues, the HVAC does not get unduly overworked, and energy bills remain manageable.    
  2. Replace HVAC filters on time, all the time. Replacing air filters is one of the best ways to keep the HVAC system well maintained. By changing the filters on the designated schedule, homeowners get to prevent filter clogs that force the system to overwork. An overworked HVAC mechanism does not only use up more electricity, but it also taxes the system making it more prone to operational issues. To avoid delays, have replacement filters on hand at home. 
  3. Keep the condenser or outer unit free from dust, debris, and anything that will impede its airflow. As a general rule, keep 18 inches of clearance from the exterior unit to ensure unobstructed airflow to and from the condenser. 
  4. Invest on a programmable thermostat in the Torrey Highlands. A programmable thermostat will give respite to the HVAC mechanism and would help keep electric bills at more manageable levels. A programmable or smart thermostat can automatically adjust temperature levels when no one is in the house. This can be programmed, or the Smart thermostat system can record the usage patterns, and then they will make the adjustments accordingly. Usually, when no one is occupying the Torrey Highlands house, temperature levels are at a minimal to lower energy consumption and keep the unit from getting overworked. Also, it allows the homeowner to operate the HVAC remotely.
  5. Check the ducts from time to time. Make sure that there are no leaks and that it gets professional cleaning periodically.