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Signs Your HVAC System Needs to Be Repaired in Fairbanks Summit

A heating and cooling system usually operates in the background of a Fairbanks Summit home. For instance, central air conditioning and Heating Systems often operate silently in the background. It is hardly seen except for the vents. But when it suddenly produces a sound, or an odor, or the house suddenly becomes too dusty, something is wrong with the HVAC system.

A Fairbanks Summit homeowner must know if his HVAC is malfunctioning. Undetected and unaddressed issues tend to worsen and eventually cause significant damage to the central heating and cooling system. Remediating such an unaddressed issue is more expensive and complicated. It could even call for early replacement.

Here are some of the signs that an HVAC system in a Fairbanks Summit home needs repair:

  1. Strange odor. The heating and cooling system in a Fairbanks Summit home should not emit any detectable odor. If the HVAC suddenly smells like old sweaty socks, then molds might be lurking in the system or the ducts. Have a professional HVAC contractor check on it before everyone gets hay fever from it. Another strange odor that merits immediate attention is a burning smell. Immediately turn off the power supply for the HVAC and call for professional help. Rotten egg odor is also a possibility. As soon as a homeowner realizes that the smell is coming from the AC, he should then open the windows and doors at home, get every household member out of the house, and call for emergency HVAC service. Rotten egg odor is an indication of a natural gas leak—unusual sounds. The HVAC is designed to operate without being heard. Having said this, audible sound is an indication that something is wrong with the HVAC system. While it does not usually mean that it is a significant issue, it means that it needs to be checked. Screeching sounds indicate a belt or motor problem, or just a plain need for oiling. Either way, it shows that maintenance check is due because if the unit were well maintained, it would not need oiling at an inopportune time. 

2. Clicking sounds that happen over and over indicate that the Central cooling and heating system’s relay is having issues. Have a professional HVAC Contractor from Fairbanks Summit to check the matter. Other weird sounds include thumping and banging noise. Both of which should prompt the owner to request a service call. AC repair near me

3. HVAC is not cooling. This is another common trouble, and it has various possible reasons. These reasons include a malfunctioning thermostat, duct problems, clogged filter, mechanism failure, or lack of or leaking refrigerant. Whatever the case may be, the homeowner should immediately refer the matter to an HVAC contractor.