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HVAC Installation Costs for The Santa Luz Club Homes

Installing a new HVAC unit for The Santa Luz Club Homes can require a substantial cost. HVAC units do not get installed for free, and so a separate fee for installation should be expected. And while the store where the HVAC system was purchased can give recommendations on the Air Conditioner Servicing technician to hire, homeowners have the liberty of choosing whom to hire. 

The cost of HVAC installation in The Santa Luz Club Homes vary depending on the type of HVAC Installation to carry out and the size of the home.

So how much would a homeowner have to spend for HVAC San Diego installation in the Santa Liz Club Homes? The price usually depends on the following factors:

  1. Size of the house. The bigger the house, the higher the installation cost. Bigger homes require a larger capacity HVAC system. If the installation is for the new home construction or just for an HVAC replacement, installation costs for a new home would also mean ductwork installation in addition to the heating and cooling equipment installation. On the other hand, the pull out of the existing HVAC system will be an additional cost on top of equipment installation for HVAC upgrades. This is because dismantling, and pulling out of the old HVAC unit will also take time. 
  2. Additional features. Some HVAC system installation can also come with other features such as air purifier, whole house dehumidifier, and HVAC zoning system. 
  3. Schedule and timeline of installation. Requests for immediate installation will cost more compared to those that have been scheduled. Rush work will entail additional cost, as in any contractor work or service. Labor costs will depend on the timeline for the whole installation. Here is the usual HVAC installation timeline in The Santa Luz Club Homes:

*HVAC Replacement Installation will take one day

*HVAC installation with ductwork will take a minimum of three days to a maximum of five days.

*HVAC Installation with additional features will take at least four working days to a maximum of one week. 

5. The cost of the HVAC system to install will also be factored in as it is an indicator of the size and capacity of the HVAC system. The higher the cost of the HVAC equipment, the higher the likelihood that the system is energy efficient. The SEER or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings is the consumer’s guide on energy savings that can be garnered by using that brand and model of air conditioning system. The AFUE or the Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency, on the other hand, measures the furnace’s heating efficiency. A higher number translates to higher SEER and AFUE ratings. 

6. The equipment that will be installed. Air conditioning can either be central or ductless. The heating system can either be a gas furnace, electric furnace, oil furnace, boiler, or heat pump. Each of these equipment varies in cost for both purchase and installation. 

7. Additional installation supplies and materials that will be used. Every installation is tailor-fit for every home. And since every home is different unless it is a gated subdivision with uniform townhomes or an apartment complex in a building, the number of supplies and materials needed will vary. 

Most HVAC companies serving The Santa Luz Club Homes offer free cost estimates for installation. It is best to get in touch with at least three prospective contractors who can provide a complimentary cost quotation. Apart from the cost, the homeowner should base his decision on choosing an installer for the legitimacy of the company, technical expertise, customer experience, as well as service warranty provisions.