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No longer feeling as warm as usual during winter? There could be an issue with the furnace.

The furnace is essential equipment inside the home that ensures comfort, especially during the winter months. It must be adequately maintained so that it can function at its optimal efficiency. Optimal performance happens when periodic maintenance is observed, and when issues are addressed right before it becomes too complicated.

Here are some signs your furnace needs repair in Rancho Penasquitos:

1. Strange noises are coming out of it. When the furnace is producing unusual sounds, then there could be a brewing issue. Try to listen in to the strange noise so that when the technician asks about it, it can be accurately described. Usual strange noises include screeching, squeaking, and popping sounds. These noises commonly indicated that some parts might have loosened up.

2. The pilot light turns yellow. A yellow pilot light means a severe issue. It means leaking carbon monoxide that could put every household member’s life at risk. Get in touch with a Rancho Penasquitos technician immediately so that he can address the matter. The carbon monoxide may be emitted through the heat exchangers, so it is best to be addressed by a professional technician at once. Here’s Why is it Important to Perform HVAC Maintenance in Rancho Penasquitos.

3. The furnace is not blowing warm air. When the furnace is no longer blowing a friendly atmosphere and is instead of blowing cold air, there is an ongoing issue. Usually, it means that the furnace’s blower is already malfunctioning. Let the Rancho Penasquitos HVAC technician know about this, and the date the problem may have started.

4. Massive accumulation of dust particles around the furnace. When unusually heavy dust accumulation occurs in the surface of the furnace, it may mean that the furnace filters no longer function. Before calling in the technician, check on the furnace filters first. If the filters are way too dirty, replace it accordingly. If it is not dusty, yet a substantial amount of dust accumulates on the furnace surfaces, something may be wrong with the furnace. Get in touch with a local Rancho Penasquitos HVAC contractor immediately for a maintenance inspection and troubleshooting.

5. Skyrocketing utility bills. If heating bills have soared without any changes in normal use, then the furnace may no longer be functioning as efficiently as it should, Check on the age of the furnace, and evaluate whether it should be upgraded already. A competent Rancho Penasquitos HVAC technician can appropriately guide a homeowner on the matter.