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Learning about carefully maintaining one’s furnace system will help a lot in terms of averting furnace damage that can be very expensive and inconvenient. For this reason, home maintenance experts advice property owners that it is best to routinely care for one’s furnace to lengthen its life.

Carefully maintaining the home furnace system can avoid inconveniences and discomfort during the winter season. (Photo Credits)

Home improvement website, The Spruce has mentioned several tips and even shared instructions on how to carefully maintain a home furnace system.

“The furnace filter is the one component that needs to be checked and possibly changed monthly during the heating season. Replace it as part of this seasonal maintenance. Just as on your car, fan belts wear and get loose. Check the fan belt on your furnace that drives the blower. Inspect the belt for glazing, cracking or fraying. If any of those signs are evident, replace the belt.”

Read the rest of the maintenance tips here.

More Cleaning and Furnace Maintenance

The Family Handyman also shared a step-by-step instructional that is helpful when it comes to maintaining a home furnace system. One of the steps mentioned is vacuuming the furnace burner.

“Turn off the power switch again and shut off the gas by giving the valve one-quarter turn. Vacuum the burners and the furnace base. To get at the back of the burners, tape a 20-in. length of 1/2-in. drain line to your vacuum hose. Vacuum everywhere you see dust. While everything is open, use a flashlight to look for signs of soot (fine black powder), which often indicates poor combustion. Lift off the lower door (blower door) and vacuum the blower compartment.”

Read the complete step-by-step maintenance instruction here.

Best Left to the Experts

The website DIY Network also published its own list of maintenance tips to keep a home furnace running in smooth condition. The author however cautioned its readers that there are some aspects of furnace maintenance that are better left to the experts.

“It’s best to have professionals conduct inspections and adjustments on your furnace. There are some things that homeowners can do themselves, however — such as changing air filters on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to know some basics about the furnace used in your home.”

The continuation of the post can be found here.

Furnace maintenance is indeed important to ensure that the home heating system remains in toip condition.

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