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Air conditioner repair services in 92129 homes are essential given the climate in that part of California. Every homeowner must have a contractor he can rely on to provide AC repairs, especially those that are deemed as emergency repairs. 

Below are some of the most common AC issues that send homeowners calling for an air conditioning repair technician or contractor. It also includes some of the ways homeowners can avoid these issues, moving forward. 

The 92129 AC is not Blowing Air

 One of the reasons a homeowner immediately calls for AC Repair 92129 service is when their AC unit is no longer blowing air. Lack of airflow is a serious matter especially when there is nothing wrong with the power source or the thermostat. Expert AC technicians say it usually has something to do with restricted airflow. 

Again only a licensed AC contractor can remediate the matter. The best thing a homeowner can do is to check if the power is indeed turned on, the thermostat is working, and there is nothing that is blocking the air vents and air registers in the room. When all these have been checked, then most likely it is a mechanical issue that only a licensed AC repairperson should address. 

The AC in 92129 is not cooling the house

Yes, there could be airflow, but the airflow is not as cold as the homeowner would like it to be. Sometimes the AC could no longer cool the whole house. This can mean several things but before calling an HVAC technician, the homeowner should first check if the thermostat is indeed set to his desired temperature, if it is not then most likely, that is the reason why the air conditioner seems to malfunction.

What to check in 92129 before calling for AC repair

Another thing a homeowner should check before getting in touch with an AC company is if the windows and doors all closed. When these are wide open, the AC will have a hard time cooling the whole house because the cool air will just escape through the windows and doors. The homeowner should likewise check whether the air registers and vents are unobstructed. Sometimes, these vents are accidentally blocked by curtains, home equipment, appliances, and furniture. The blockage in turn seriously affects the temperature inside the area covered by that specific vent. It is also possible that the blockage may come from the inside so, the owner should check that as well. 

AC repair companies in 92129 say that the usual culprit when the AC seems to not cool the home completely are refrigerant problems (lacking or leaking), and clogged filters and filthy evaporator coils.    

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