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A broken air conditioner can be very inconvenient. When it happens amid the summer, it can cause discomfort to everyone in the 92128 households. Fortunately, same-day AC repairs and even emergency one-hour air conditioner repair services are available in the area. 

So how should a homeowner call for AC repair services? What is the first thing a homeowner should do when dealing with an air conditioner breakdown?

Dealing with air conditioner repair due to breakdown

As soon as the air conditioner malfunctions, the homeowner should shut off the system. Shutting the AC power source from the breaker is also a good idea especially if the homeowner suspects that the issue involves an electrical problem within the AC mechanism. 

Red flags that require immediate air conditioner servicing

Homeowners should be cautious in dealing with AC problems that are serious. Not only will these types of issues cause serious damage to the air conditioner, but they are also a safety issue. Here are some of the red flags:

  1. It is an urgent situation when the air conditioner suddenly produces the smell of burning rubber or plastic. If the homeowner is sure that the odor is coming from the air conditioner 92128, he should immediately turn off the power and ask for professional AC servicing. This may mean something is burning within the AC mechanism.
  2. It is an emergency when the AC emits a rotten egg odor. A rotten egg odor signifies that there is a natural gas leak. The best thing to do is to shut off the main gas valve and call the gas company to notify them about this possible leak. Open all the windows and openings at home, and evacuate everyone from the 92128 households.    
  3. Zero airflows. When there is no flowing air from the vents or ducts, then there is a possible system malfunction. The homeowner should check if the AC has a power source and if it is turned on. If air is not flowing despite being turned on then there is a problem an AC repair professional needs to urgently address. 
  4. When the AC produces screeching sounds. ACs are supposed to work silently in the background. If it suddenly screeches then there is an ongoing issue with its mechanism. Sure it could mean a minor fan belt issue, but a screeching sound also signifies compressor trouble. Turn off the unit and call for immediate AC repair. 

Call up a reputable AC contractor from 92128 who can immediately assist with any of the air conditioner issues mentioned above.

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