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Central air conditioning remains to be the chosen type of air conditioning system for older homes in Poway. With its many advantages, Central Air continues to make older homes more comfortable.

Central air conditioning can help even older Poway homes to be comfortable.

The benefits of central air conditioning, however, can be further maximized with a few useful tips. Here are some:

1. Careful maintenance of central air conditioning will lengthen its lifespan. Using the central air conditioning system with care will help minimize wear and tear. While air conditioning units are designed to last for more than a decade, it does not mean that it can be used carelessly. The homeowner still needs to maintain it, and a professional has to perform annual preventive maintenance on the unit.

Here are some things a homeowner can do to prolong the lifespan of his central air conditioning system:

a. Be consistent about cleaning the indoor and outdoor central air fixtures. For instance, the outdoor condenser unit should be periodically cleaned so that the dust and debris would not hamper its performance. Have a technician deep clean the condenser unit every year, to ensure that all of its components are clean and properly functioning.

As for the indoor fixtures, it is best to vacuum the vents regularly. Dust build-up makes the air conditioning system work harder. The accumulation of dust can block the blowers and destabilize the airflow coming from the unit. Make sure as well that all air registers are not blocked by furniture or drapery to maximize the full capability of the central air conditioning system.

b. Care for the unit’s drain line. The Central Air Conditioning unit will be in its top shape when its drain line is adequately maintained. Flush the drain line with bleach and water periodically, specifically during the summer months to ensure optimum air conditioning performance.

2. Replace the AC Filters regularly. Most air conditioning units require a monthly replacement, so if this is the case, the homeowner has to do so without fail. Forgoing filter replacement makes the air conditioning system work harder than it should be, pushing electric bills needlessly higher. Not replacing the filters can also affect indoor air quality.

3. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat. If the homeowner has yet to install a programmable thermostat, then it is the best time to use one. A lot of homes are using smart thermostats, and such has been a big help when it comes to ensuring air conditioning efficiency and maintenance.

When an air conditioning unit senses the right temperature through its thermostat, it would not have to work harder than it should. The same thing happens when it has been programmed to work efficiently. An efficiently running air conditioning system has minimal wear and tear compared to that which has been used carelessly.

4. Ensure that the thermostat is not next to any appliance that may emit heat. For instance, the thermostat should not be placed next to lamps or lighting fixture, a TV set, or an oven. Once any of these appliances emit heat, the thermostat can sense it and report an inaccurate temperature. The inaccuracy can lead to inefficient operation of the air conditioning system.

It is best to position the thermostat in a neutral area, where it can accurately gauge indoor temperature.

5. Work towards lowering energy use, as it is equivalent to better maintenance care. When the air conditioning unit uses less energy to cool the whole house comfortably, its system does not get overworked. An overworked central air conditioning unit may need to be replaced sooner, as wear and tear will get the better of it quickly.

Here are some ways to operate the central AC without boring a hole in the pocket:

a. Wear light and comfortable clothes in the summer so that the air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature. Wearing cotton and sleeveless house clothes can spell a difference in the utility bills.

b. Ensure that the ducts are well-insulated to save on energy. Install or improve insulation in the central air ducts to ensure that the cold air will remain cool.

c. Revisit the caulking and weather stripping around the house. Make sure that the cold air stays inside so that the air conditioning unit will not have to work doubly harder. Make sure leaks and gaps have all been covered. Install door air leak guards to minimize the cold air escaping from the bottom of the door.

d. Use ceiling fans and electric fans. These appliances will help spread the cooler air throughout the house quickly. Air conditioning may take longer to cool a home in the summer months, but when ceiling or free-standing fans are in use, the cold air gets dispersed easily.

e. Cover the windows and other glass openings around the house. While natural light makes the house look better, it can make the air conditioning work doubly harder. Use curtains or blinds to help keep out sunlight around the house. The drapes can also help prevent cold air from escaping in case there are leaks or gaps in the windows. If the homeowner prefers not to use drapes, then a darker window film is a good alternative. Install window film in windows where sunlight can consistently get too strong in certain times of the day.

Central air conditioning is indeed the best choice for older homes in Poway.

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