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In San Diego, where summers could be intense in recent years, air conditioning has become essential in every home. Apart from ensuring overall comfort, it keeps headaches, possible heat stroke, sensitive skin conditions, as well as other ailments at bay.

To get the most out of the air conditioning unit, and the cost of running it homeowners should ensure that their ACs are running in top condition. This can only happen when it is adequately maintained both by the homeowner himself, and routine professional tune-up and maintenance. Through time though, Air Conditioners get to incur wear and tear, and would eventually need repair after several years of use.

One of the most common issues encountered by homeowners, especially those with AC that has been installed for more than five years, is the need to recharge their AC.

What is AC Recharging?

AC recharging is replenishing the lost refrigerant within the air conditioning unit. The refrigerant is the chemical that transforms hot air into cold air. While the refrigerant should not need replenishment, leaks, incorrect installation, wear and tear, and damage could cause refrigerant levels to wane down. When refrigerant levels are low, the AC would generally have a hard time cooling the whole house. It will also struggle to stabilize humidity levels.

How do you know if your AC needs a recharge?

Before calling for AC repair in San Diego, CA, homeowners should try to take note of the existing issues within their HVAC system. This is important since usually, the technician will ask about the AC cooling experience during the phone call. There are several ways to confirm whether an AC needs a recharge. Below are some of the signs:

  • It takes so long to get the house cooled. If before, the house becomes cold within 30 minutes, it now takes considerably much longer to cool the whole house.
  • The evaporator coils are icy or frozen.
  • The condensation is reaching the floor area of the HVAC or the furnace system
  • The AC is actively cooling the house for a much longer period.
  • The supply duct produces hot air even though the thermostat is set to cool the house, and the AC is running.  

How much does an AC recharge cost?

The cost of AC recharging cannot usually be determined through a phone call. Estimating the cost entails a physical checkup of the unit and an actual diagnosis. The actual estimate would depend on the following factors:

  1. How much refrigerant is needed to replenish the refrigerant levels
  2. The cause of refrigerant loss. Refrigerant levels are usually depleted due to incorrect installation, leaks in the refrigerant hose, or other types of damage. 

One key note is that R22 is banned in california and costs significantly more due to the ban. Once the technician gets to assess how much refrigerant is exactly needed by the system, and estimates the actual cost of repair, then that is the time that costing can be provided. Refrigerant levels and the corresponding amount of replenishment needed is assessed by using a digital scale and special tools that determine the actual amount of refrigerant left in the system.

Examining the average cost of an AC recharge

In San Diego, the usual refrigerant replenishment starts at $150. This amount however is usually the base price as repair and labor costs will also come to play. Below are some of the usual costs for repairs and labor:

  • Recharge costs are typically $300 to $850 depending on type of refrigerant and the amount needed to be refilled.

AC recharging with freon indeed is a costly service. It is important though to seek professional repairs since plain replenishment does not solve the issue. Toxic Freon Refrigerant Leaks should be addressed, and repairs must be carried out to keep the refrigerant at optimum levels.

If you suspect low refrigerant levels on your AC or need routine maintenance to prevent repairs and air conditioning issues call us up at Reliable Standard Heating, Air, & Solar. We will be more than happy to help you with any of your AC or furnace repair and maintenance needs. Call us up today!

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