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Keeping the home air conditioning system well-maintained comes with sure benefits for every homeowner. While it may take time and a bit of legwork, well-maintained ACs are rewarding in a sense that they will not break down from time to time. Likewise, it will not cause spikes in the utility bills, and could also prolong the lifespan of an AC. Having an AC unit with dirty condenser coils could be contributing to a problem of your Hvac system not cooling the house properly to the desired temperature because the system is working much harder than it needs to.

Where is the AC condenser located?

The condenser coils are found within the outdoor unit, and with a bit of patience, even homeowners themselves can clean up these coils.

Cleaning the condenser coils should be part of the routine maintenance chores to keep the AC system working in optimal condition. Homeowners should not forget about the outdoor unit of their central AC when carrying out maintenance chores since it is an integral part of the system.

Benefits of having a clean condenser coil

Having a clean condenser coil will help prolong the life of the AC system and help your thermostat to reach set temperature quicker and more efficiently. . Since coils are cleaner, the airflow is not impeded, and the air conditioner can release the hot air inside the house without burdening the system too much. Since airflow is unaffected by debris and dust that is stuck in the coils, the AC will not needlessly consume energy and push energy consumption than needed.

Moreover, when the outdoor unit is not overworked, the lifespan of the AC gets prolonged. Since there is no unnecessary wear and tear, the unit is more likely the last longer without needing expensive and frequent professional servicing and repairs. Alternatively, a dirty coil may cause a heatpump condenser to freeze up. If you have freezing up issues you need to know what to do if you have a frozen heatpump condenser, as that could be a sign of a serious issue. A frozen heatpump could be causing your ac to freeze up.

Cleaning coils

It is relatively easy to clean condenser coils. The homeowner needs a rug, a fin brush, water hose, coil brush, and a coil cleaner. These materials are all available in home improvement stores or online shops. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Unplug the AC from the breaker panel.

This is an important safety measure that should not be ignored.

Step 2. Visually check the outdoor unit, specifically the coils to see if there is existing damage within.

If there are any, get in touch with a certified AC technician who can carry out the needed repairs. You should also check your ac capacitor and your ac contactor while you’re already out there.

Step 3. Remove Debris With a Coil Brush

If all is well, start the maintenance chore by cleaning the coils using a coil brush. 

Step 4. If Possible, Straighten Fins with Fin Comb

Straighten the fins using a fin comb. Fins sometimes get to bend over time because of various circumstances such as hailstorms, toys that bump into the condenser, and outdoor furnishings. Straightening the fins using a fin comb is easy but it is a bit time-consuming.  

Step 5. Spray water on Coils and Apply Coil Cleaner

Gently spray water into the coils and then spray some coil cleaner into them. Let it stand for five to ten minutes beginning from the time it forms a foam.     

Step 6. Rinse The Coil Cleaner off with a hose

Remove the coil foam by gently spraying water towards the fins. Make sure to spray the water in a straight motion to prevent the fins from getting bent.

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