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Preparing the HVAC system for the winter season is a crucial step to take. If a homeowner wants to have a fuss-free winter, then all it takes is a maintenance check during fall, so that everything will be in place when the snow hits the ground.

Winterizing the home in time for holiday and vacation time.

Home improvement website The Spruce came up with a checklist on what to do to prepare the home heating system in time for snow season. In their guide, they mentioned that winterizing activities should be done no later than the last day of October.

“Replace the air filter: Put in a new, clean air filter. It’s easy, and doing so will ensure a free flow of air and a cleaner environment. Each furnace has its requirements for air filters, so follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. A monthly replacement of the air filter is usually recommended. Check fuel supply:  If you have a propane or fuel oil furnace, make sure to have your fuel storage tank is topped off and ready to go.”

Read the full checklist here.

Winter Vacation and HVAC Use

As for those leaving for a vacation, the HVAC should all the more be prepped. It is one thing to leave the house for a whole day, but another matter to leave it for a couple of days or more so weeks. Like the plumbing system, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) of a house also needs to be prepared when the homeowners leave for a vacation.

Common questions would include the temp the HVAC should be on, or if it is better to turn it off? What can be done in case anything goes wrong with the HVAC while the homeowner is away? Popular Mechanics answered these questions and more in one of their posts.

“The same goes for winter travelers, but in reverse. Turn down the thermostat while you’re at Aunt Betty’s for the holidays, but don’t turn off the furnace completely, which could put your pipes in danger of freezing.”

Check out the full article here.

Third-party online ratings and feedback website Angie’s List also mentioned several tips for leaving home during the winter season. In the article, they explained how high the temp should be set to avoid problems with the whole house and HVAC while the homeowners are away.

“Take four degrees off your normal home temperature when you leave for a few days on winter vacation, Brookover says. Avoid the temptation to shut the whole system down while you’re gone: Any more than four degrees and your heat pump or heater has to work too hard to get things toasty again when you return from out of town.  The exception: If you have a gas furnace, which requires less work to heat homes, you can set the temperature six to eight degrees lower.”

Read more here.

For a worry-free vacation, ensure that the whole home is set up to weather the winter.

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