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Proper installation of an air conditioning system is crucial in every home. It does not only mean comfort and convenience for homeowners and household members, but a sound installation also has an impact on safety.

Proper AC installation makes for a comfortable home.

Proper AC installation – be it a central air conditioning unit – or split type and window type largely depends on the installer. Only certified HVAC technicians should only install Central and split type air conditioning units, as they have the training and knowledge on safe installation practices. Moreover, they have corresponding insurance and bonds that could cover damage to the unit due to incorrect installation. This alone gives a homeowner a full reason to never carry out the installation on one’s own. Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor in Black Mountain Ranch West

Here are the possible risks of the non-professional installation of Air Conditioning units. Non-professional includes self-installation, and installation carried out by an unlicensed Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning contractor.

1. HVAC Fires. HVAC-related fires are mainly due to faulty Central Air Conditioning unit installation. When the AC is not installed correctly, the gas or electrical connection may get affected. When this happens, the risk of fire increases. Fires can be triggered when there is an elevated pressure of gas that could prompt the heat exchanger to raise its temperature levels. Once this happens, the unit may break down and eventually cause HVAC-triggered fires. Low gas pressure due to faulty AC installation can also trigger problems within the AC mechanism, and prompt an HVAC fire.

2. Damaged unit. A unit can be mishandled by a non-HVAC professional. The damage can occur either during installation or just days after it was unprofessionally installed. Warranties are voided when it comes to poor or unprofessional installation. Hence this is a very high risk to undertake. Cost of AC Repair for Home in Black Mountain Ranch West

3. Leakage in the fuel line. When the fuel line is not correctly installed into the AC unit, fuel may leak and spark an AC fire.

4. Leaky ducts. When an air conditioning unit is installed improperly, the ducts can leak. When leakage occurs, the Central AC would have to work doubly harder than it should to make the whole house comfortably cool. Working extra hard would mean higher power bills, and undue wear and tear.

5. Wrong refrigerant levels. An inexperienced and untrained person can pour on incorrect levels of refrigerant into the air conditioning system. Low levels of refrigerant would mean an inefficient cooling system that consumes a whole lot of electricity to cool an area properly. Moreover, it burdens the AC’s mechanism, which in due time could result in system failure.

6. Drainage issues. Air Conditioners will not drain properly when an untrained person improperly mounts it. Improper mounting would make draining harder, leaks inevitable, and system malfunction a strong possibility. It is essential to hire a professional to carry out the installation to avoid this issue.

7. Problems with the AC Sensor. A faulty central AC installation can be problematic for the air conditioner’s sensor. When the sensor is wrongly placed, it can prompt the air conditioning system to become erratic in cooling the whole house. When the AC cycles now and then due to poor sensor placement, the Air Conditioner may soon malfunction. Moreover, the comfort level inside the home gets lowered when there are issues with the air conditioner’s sensor.

Hiring a reputable HVAC contractor to install an AC

It is crucial to hire a reputable HVAC Contractor in Black Mountain Ranch West to ensure correct Central and Split type air conditioner installation. Ask a trusted neighbor for a referral to a reliable HVAC contractor or scour the internet for someone servicing the neighborhood. Make sure to choose from at least three HVAC Contractors and verify their business legitimacy details.

The contractor’s license can be double-checked through the Contractor’s State License Board and the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to double-check the identification and the photo if the details match.

To get an idea of the service rendered by the contractor, check out feedback and reviews of its past clients. These reviews can be found on service review websites like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp. Feedback can also be found on the contractor’s social media pages.

Before choosing a contractor, take the time to interview and discuss the installation details, get an idea about their charges and timelines. The best offer does not necessarily mean the lowest offer.

Post-installation AC Maintenance and Care

1. Keep the outdoor unit free from dirt and debris. The outdoor unit should not be covered by anything, even bushes or tall grass. Make sure that it is free from debris like dried leaves, among other things that could cause it to suck in more dirt and dust. This debris can cause a build-up that may spur malfunctioning in the long run.

2. Regularly replace the air filters. Replacing the filters could help save the unit from unintended wear and tear, and unwarranted consumption of power. Most AC units come with instructions on when to change the filters. This should be followed and carried out routinely.

3. Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help minimize undue wear and tear on the air conditioning system. This is because a programmable thermostat can be programmed not to cool the home to a colder level when no one is around. This way, the AC becomes more energy-efficient, and it does not have to work as hard as it does when household members are home.

4. Do not skip the annual maintenance inspection. Periodic maintenance checks will help ensure an optimally-functioning AC system.

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