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Air Conditioning Season is synonymous to the scorching summer months in La Jolla, San Diego. While the sun allows everyone to enjoy most outdoor activities, extreme heat can also be dangerous to health.

Air conditioning and barbecue season is something to prepare for when living in La Jolla, San Diego.

For safety and wellness reasons, home and commercial air conditioning systems must operate efficiently. Outdoor heat and uncomfortable indoor environment can bring about sicknesses associated with high temperatures.

Benefits of Air Conditioning to Health

Intense summer heat can bring about heat waves that could be dangerous to health. In La Jolla, summers can be sweltering, and it is crucial to stay informed about heatwave warnings. Heatwaves can be particularly hazardous to young children, the elderly, and those who have chronic illnesses. It can even exacerbate heart conditions since it makes people less comfortable.

Dehydration is also very possible given the continuous sweating triggered by the sweltering heat. Moreover, it can also trigger allergic reactions and skin diseases. Even prickly heat can go unchecked with consistent exposure to the outdoors.

Air conditioning plays a huge role in ensuring a comfortable climate indoors. A relaxed and comfortable environment gives less stress to the body because it does not have to be too strained in cooling the body’s temperature. Moreover, it does not cause people to become uncomfortable, giving way to irritability.

Apart from improving the indoor climate, a sound air conditioning system also improves indoor air quality. Some HVAC systems have special anti-microbial and anti-allergen filters that will enhance air quality around the home.

La Jolla Residents and Air Conditioning

Before the summer sets in, make sure to get in touch with an HVAC Contractor that could carry out a preventive maintenance check on the air conditioning system. A preventive maintenance check involves inspection on the whole HVAC system, including the indoor and outdoor units, as well as the air registers, vents, and ducts if applicable.

A preventive maintenance check may also include professional cleaning. A thorough cleaning carried out by a technician is needed at least every year to ensure that the whole HVAC system is free from dirt, dust, and debris build-up. This build-up can cause damage to the air conditioning unit. It can also cause leakages and inefficient AC performance.

Having the AC system inspected before the summer months means that there is almost a zero chance for a breakdown during the air conditioning season. It will also mean that minor issues can be nipped in the bud. When problems are detected early, the item can be repaired, and the expenses are mitigated.

Moreover, having preventive maintenance will also ensure that Air Conditioning expenses will not shoot up in the summer months. In La Jolla where summers can be hot and dry, air conditioning bills can skyrocket. Both commercial and residential establishments crank up their air conditioning up high to help keep their indoor environment cool. In return, their bills spike.

No matter the type of air conditioning system, when it is well maintained, it will run efficiently. Maintenance means regularly cleaning the outdoor and indoor unit, and having a professional undertake a preventive maintenance check on the unit periodically.

Other Ways to Cool Off

Air conditioners can do with a lot of help from homeowners and other household members. The AC does not need to be turned up into full blast even in the summer months. Homeowners have to learn a few tips that could help them beat the heat without boring a hole on their pockets.

Staying Cool in La Jolla

For instance, wearing comfortable clothes, indoor and outdoor can help a person stay cool. Light, cotton sleeveless tops and light, airy pants or pair of shorts can go a long way in keeping fresh. Having ceiling fans and other electric fans around the house can also help spread cold air around the home.

Another way is taking colder showers, and applying eucalyptus or peppermint oil in the nape of the neck. Making use of drapes or blinds to cover window openings that let the sunlight in can also help in keeping a relaxed indoor environment. So is sealing gaps in the windows, doors, and other openings. Sealing can be done through weather-stripping or caulking. It is important to revisit these seals regularly as it may need to be done again to ensure that cold air will not escape through it.

Another way to get through the air conditioning season in La Jolla is to stay hydrated. Iced water and other refreshing beverages can help a lot. Iced desserts can also help beat the heat. Avoid cooking using the oven as well. Ovens emit heat that can warm up the house, especially smaller ones. Slow cookers or the outdoor grill are ideal during air conditioning season.

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