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Upgrading the home air conditioning system will need a substantial budget. It is something that a homeowner should be financially prepared for. It is crucial then to have a well-maintained air conditioning system. A well-maintained AC will have lesser chances of AC breakdowns that would require a replacement ahead of the HVAC’s normal shelf life.

An HVAC unit plays a huge role in ensuring total comfort inside the home.

But no matter how an AC System is well-maintained, it will still needs to be replaced in time. The US Department of Energy’s Energy Star website shared a few pointers to help decide if it is time to upgrade to a new air conditioning system.

“Certain telltale signs indicate it’s time to consider replacing heating and cooling equipment or improving the performance of your overall system. It may be time to call a professional contractor to help you make a change if: Your heat pump or air conditioner is more than ten years old. Consider replacing it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. Installed correctly, these high-efficiency units can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.”

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When to Upgrade an AC

Home Garden Television came up with a comprehensive guide on determining if a home needs an HVAC upgrade. In their feature write-up, they mentioned several telltale signs that could signify that a home needs a new unit. They, however, underscored that a home energy audit might be a plausible first step to determine if a home requires an AC upgrade.

“Is your heating or air conditioning system more than ten years old or not keeping your comfortable? Is your air conditioner, furnace or boiler running a lot? Are you paying more than you think you should in energy bills? If you answer yes to any of these questions, replacing an old HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system could help better heat and cool your home and save you money in the long run.”

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New units are more efficient

Another reason to upgrade an air conditioning unit is efficiency. If the bills are running too high, then an AC with an improved energy efficiency rating could be the answer. Online Service Reviews Website Angie’s List says newer models of AC systems perform better when it comes to efficiency.

“Recent advances in A/C technology have greatly improved energy efficiency. Energy Star recommends upgrading to an energy-efficient unit if your current central air conditioner is ten or more years old. Many HVAC technicians say they typically recommend replacing units if they are 15 years or older.”

The full article can be found here.

Upgrading to a new air conditioning unit may be expensive, but the energy efficiency of the group can help lower utility bills.

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