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Heatwaves could send thermostats off the charts. Along with the rising temperature come spiking air conditioning bills. It is crucial, therefore that every home has a well-maintained air conditioning system to avoid skyrocketing bills due to inefficient air conditioning.

How to keep the home air conditioning system well-maintained

In Solana Beach where summers can be blistering hot, a failing AC could be a massive inconvenience and discomfort for the rest of the household. Fortunately, AC breakdowns can be averted by ensuring that it is well-maintained.

Keeping the AC system running smoothly requires a bit of effort from the homeowner. First, he should set a regular time to replace or clean the filters of the air conditioning system. By replacing or cleaning the filters regularly, the AC system’s operation will not be burdened by blowing through the dust and other debris caught by the filter. Not replacing the filters regularly can also eventually cause a blockage that in turn will lead to a leaking AC system.

Extreme summer heat is Solana Beach keep residents inside their homes. (Photo Credits)

Read the AC manual to find out if it needs replacement or cleaning, and follow the procedure and timetable suggested by the manufacturer.

The homeowner should also make sure to clean the outer unit of the AC system. Dirt and debris should be removed so that the mechanism will not overheat. Thorough professional cleaning and maintenance should be scheduled on an annual basis to ensure that the AC works in perfect condition.

Preventive Maintenance Checks

A preventive maintenance check conducted by a reliable HVAC technician is essential since it will also avert possible AC issues. These issues all have to be addressed at the peak of AC season in Solana Beach especially since heatwave warnings are in the offing.

Keep in touch with a trustworthy HVAC technician as well so that annual inspection without too much effort. Some HVAC Contractors could even track and send out reminders when it is time for the annual preventive maintenance inspection. Moreover, being in touch with a reliable HVAC technician means help will be at hand when emergency repairs are needed. This is important during summers in Solana Beach because every hour that passes without air conditioning could be very uncomfortable.

Preventive maintenance checks are usually scheduled a month before summer. Summer months are generally the peak months for HVAC contractors and air conditioning technicians since breakdowns and installations happen typically during these months.

Solana Beach Residents Brace for High AC Bills

High air conditioning bills are already given during the summer months. But the increase in the demand in electricity does not have to be too huge. There are useful tips that could keep bills from skyrocketing.

Keeping AC Bills low in Solana Beach is possible with the following suggestions:

1. Do a gap inventory before the summer months. Make sure that cracks and gaps within the home are sealed or re-caulked before AC season starts. These openings let the cold air escape, pushing the air conditioner work harder than necessary. When the AC system works harder to cool the house, it uses up more electricity and pushes up the power bill.

The gaps can be usually found near windows and the attic as well as in recessed lighting. The bottom of the doors can also allow cold air to escape, so install those air guards for doors. These air guards are usually sold in home improvement shops and can be installed easily.

2. Schedule a preventive maintenance inspection a month before summer starts. As mentioned earlier, a preventive maintenance inspection can help prevent an AC breakdown during the peak of the summer months. It could also help any homeowner avoid costly repairs or replacements. If an upgrade will be needed, it is best to have the existing air conditioning replaced when the demand for AC is low. During cold months, AC sales are down; hence, AC systems are cheaper, and promotional discounts are available.

Preventive maintenance checks also entail a thorough cleaning of the whole AC system. When the AC is thoroughly clean, it will operate on its optimal level, and will not use up more electricity than it needs to. Optimal operations could even mean lower power bills as the air conditioning unit will not have to work harder than they should.

3. Use fans around the house. Ceiling fans and desk fans help circulate cooler air around the house faster. When the cold air has been dispersed more quickly, then the air conditioning units would not have to work harder. And since fans cool people and not spaces, it is likely that household members get satisfied with the coldness level inside the home faster. Household members are also not possible to demand a colder temperature, which will burden the air conditioner and make it work harder. When the AC works harder, it uses up more energy, raking up electric bills.

4. Cover up the windows and other glass openings that let sunlight inside the house. The air conditioner will have to compete with the heat generated by the sunlight that gets inside the house, so it is vital to use drapes or blinds. Curtains and blinds likewise help prevent air leaks that cause cold air to escape out of the room.

Solana residents can indeed beat the heat this summer.

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