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Every air conditioner has two components. The air handler is mounted indoors, and then the condenser that it installed or mounted in the outer portion of the house. Both are crucial to the overall comfort levels inside the house, as these components co-exist. The AC cannot provide cool air if the other component falters.

What does an ac condenser do?

The condenser is the outer unit of the air conditioner. It is the mechanism of the AC that allows the hot air to escape from the house. Since the AC absorbs heat indoors to cool the air, the hot air needs a way to escape and this is done through the condenser unit.

Unfortunately, like any AC component, it can wear out and break down. A licensed HVAC specialist can perform an air conditioning repair on it though, or if all else fails and it is beyond repair, condensers can be replaced.

How much is an AC condenser?

Replacing an air conditioner can cost anywhere from $3000-$8000. HVAC units that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty usually come with a free replacement, and all the homeowner has to pay for is the corresponding installation fee.

How much does it cost to replace an ac condenser?

The variation in prices usually depends on two factors. These factors include the following:

Air Conditioner’s Capacity. The larger and more powerful the AC capacity is, the more expensive a replacement condenser unit gets.

Type of condenser coil. There are several types of the evaporator coil. There are moderately priced, and there are more affordable variations. The condenser coil used in the specific unit will dictate the cost of the replacement unit.

If there is just one part of the condenser that broke down, it may be best to check with the HVAC specialist if it is possible to just replace that specific part. If however, that part of the condenser is too expensive, then it is best to just replace the whole outdoor unit altogether.

Cost of the condenser by AC capacity

One of the most common ways to determine the average cost of an AC condenser is through its capacity, AC capacity is measured using tons which is how much air it can process and cool for a specific amount of time. Usually, residential properties utilize 1.5 to 5 tons air conditioners. It is important to take into consideration the installation costs since it can easily add several hundred dollars to the material or unit cost.

After seeing the above you may be wondering what does BTU mean for your Air conditioner or furance. For homeowners who are looking into just replacing a specific part or mechanism within their condenser, below is the list of the average cost of condenser replacement by parts. Again, the costs may vary depending on the capacity of the condenser unit:

 If the condenser part or mechanism is too expensive, most HVAC technicians would recommend a full replacement, to at least take advantage of a warranty for the whole system.

Problems with the AC condenser?

If you are experiencing issues with your outdoor unit, get in touch with us at Reliable Standard Heating and Air. We have helped countless homes resolve their AC condenser issues, and we will be more than happy to help you with yours.

Usually, issues prop up due to lack of maintenance. Simple thorough cleaning and tune-up can resolve condenser problems since layers of filth can burden the system and keep it from functioning optimally. Signs of more serious AC condenser issues include:

Loud and strange noises coming from the condenser unit

The AC’s cooling capability has been significantly reduced

Significant water leakage from the ac drain line

Condenser repairs though are common. Here are the usual issues experienced by households:

Dirty condenser – Filthy condensers have a huge impact on the AC’s cooling capability. Thorough cleaning and tune-up can do the trick in making the AC efficient again in cooling the house.

Faulty condenser relay switch – This part of the AC condenser wears out as other parts do. It is one of the most replaced parts of the outdoor unit.

Faulty capacitor – This is another mechanism that commonly wears out and breaks down, but can be easily replaced by an HVAC professional.

Dirty condenser coil – when the condenser coils are dirty, the AC gets overburdened in cooling the home.

There however are issues that are detrimental to the whole condenser system. The red flag signs that a condenser needs a replacement include damaged evaporator coils, blockages, and leaks. When evaporator coils are problematic, it is best to replace the whole outdoor unit altogether since it costs so much to replace them. System blockages are a serious AC condenser issue, hence it is best to resolve it by replacing the whole condenser unit. As for leakages, the tubes within the condenser system are not replaceable, hence a new unit will be needed if this is an issue.

 At Reliable Standard Heating, Air, & Solar, you can be sure that your condenser woes will be resolved in no time, and at the most reasonable rate. Call us today so we can check on your HVAC unit right away.

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