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Installing a new air conditioning system in a property in Old Poway brings about expectations of comfort and convenience. Any property owner would be right to expect comfort since Air conditioning systems do not come cheap. It is essentially a part of the investment in the property.

What to expect during the installation of a new AC unit in Old Poway.

After the challenging part of finally deciding to replace one’s existing air conditioning system, or choosing the right unit for one’s new home construction, the installation should be an easier part. Besides, the installation should be a breeze because the harder part – hiring a reliable HVAC Contractor – is done.

Here are a few pointers to prepare homeowners as to what to expect during a new installation of an air conditioning unit:

1.    Existence of HVAC ducts. For central air conditioning units, installation could take eight hours or more, depending on the existence of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts. This means that for a new home or property construction, installation could take longer. For property owners who are just upgrading or replacing their existing HVAC units, installation could be quicker. What to Consider When Hiring a HVAC Contractor in Old Poway

2.    Prepare for the installation by asking the contractor if there ill be a need to hire the services of a licensed electrician given the load requirement of the new HVAC system to be installed. If there is a need for that, then hire the electrician to carry out the HVAC contractor’s recommendations.

On the installation day itself, clear the AC Installation San Diego and work area hours before the HVAC Contractor in Old Poway arrives. It is essential to clear the working area of the HVAC contractor before their team’s arrival. This will help save on the hourly cost of service, and of course, respecting the contractor’s time. 

The working area inside and outside the home should be free from debris, clutter, overgrown plants, or grass. Particular attention should be made on where the outdoor unit or condenser will be situated. The area should be even and well-paved, with no clutter or dust and debris. Remove garden hoses, other equipment, and tools, away from the area where the condenser will be placed. Prevent Costly AC Repairs in Old Poway with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

There should also be enough space in the driveway for the HVAC Contractor’s vehicle to park. The same goes for the equipment they will be carrying in as they go in the house. Allot a space where the HVAC unit and the condenser can be temporarily placed while the contractors prepare for the actual installation. There should also be room for the contractor and his team to move about in the house.

If there are pets in the house, consider caging them to keep the technicians safe from bites. Even a gentle dog can get mad and bite a person with an unfamiliar face. 

Lastly, remove valuable objects in plain sight as a precautionary measure. Lock a room where valuables can be stored. Antiques and other fragile items should likewise be stowed away in areas where they can accidentally get damaged in the process of HVAC installation.

3.    HVAC Installation Workflow. The usual workflow during the installation of a new HVAC Unit starts with the actual assessment of the area where the AC unit and outdoor unit will be situated. Clearing will be done accordingly if the property owner has not appropriately prepared the space.

The technical team will then layout protective coverings for the work area. These may be tarps, among other protective plastic covers that will shield flooring, carpets, and upholstered furniture from getting damaged or getting wet during the installation process. Moveable furniture may be moved, while home fixtures that cannot be moved will stay in place and will be covered.

For replacements and HVAC upgrades, the removal of the existing HVAC equipment will be the first thing to do. The old HVAC unit will be removed and would have to be pulled out of the home. The removal process is initiated by assessing the old unit and removing the power from the AC through the breaker panel. The technical team may then have to access crawl areas where the connections of the current HVAC system are made. After clearing the power connection, the refrigerant will then be drained from the system for proper disposal. Refrigerants can only be handled and disposed of by trained professionals as it is a danger to the health and the environment.

Following the removal of refrigerant from the system, disassembly of the old unit will immediately follow. After disassembly, removal of the old unit will then commence. It is best if the property owner is sure that the pull-out of the existing unit is already included in the cost estimate. Otherwise, the pull-out of the old HVAC can be charged substantially on top of the cost estimate for the installation.

Once the old unit has been pulled out, the Old Poway HVAC Contractor will then start the installation process. The usual process usually begins with the ductwork. If some repairs or changes have to be made, remediation or modification will then be carried out. The technicians will have to access crawl spaces to carry out such type of work.

After the ductwork, the HVAC contractor will then have to install the HVAC following the instructions of the brand manufacturer.  Whether it is a central air conditioning system or a split-type air conditioning unit, the two main components that need to be installed are the air handlers or evaporator, and the condenser which will be situated outside the home.

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