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Air Conditioners need careful maintenance for it to function at its best. But like any equipment that is used daily, it is bound to incur damage as it ages. Soon, repairs will be commonplace, especially in units that hardly see professional preventative maintenance work. In 92128, some homes may have overlooked periodic air conditioning servicing, which ultimately prevents full-blown AC issues that call for air conditioner repair. 

There are several reasons why some homes need air conditioner repair more than others. Ask any industry expert or long time homeowner and he will say that this has a lot to do with home maintenance. 

Common Reasons for the Need for Air Conditioner Repair

Some 92128 homes forego annual air conditioner maintenance checks. The most common reasons for not having annual maintenance checks include the following:

  1. The homeowner is not aware that the air conditioner needs an annual professional maintenance check.
  2. The homeowner thinks that periodic preventative maintenance is a waste of time and money
  3. The homeowner takes it upon himself to carry out AC maintenance work that only air conditioner servicing professionals should do.  
  4. The homeowner keeps on forgetting to schedule a maintenance check because of his tight schedule.
  5. The homeowner does not have the budget to cover for the cost of a yearly preventive inspection and tune-up for his home AC.

Ill maintenance is the foremost reason why 92128 homes need air conditioner repair. When the AC is not regularly checked by an AC professional and is not cared for by its owners, it suffers avoidable wear and tear that shortens its lifespan. 

Common Air Conditioner Issues

Here are the most common air conditioner issues encountered by homeowners.

  1. The air conditioner no longer produces cold air. When the AC falters, several culprits come to mind. Filthy filter tops the list of possible reasons why an AC fails to produce cold air. When the filters are clogged, the AC will have a hard time moving air through its system. This in turn puts pressure on the mechanism and makes it work harder than it should. Eventually, it will give in and break down. Problems with the refrigerant levels and the thermostat are also the other possible reasons why the AC is failing to cool the whole 92128 house.
  2. Refrigerant leaks are another reason why homeowners would seek air conditioner repair 92128. Sometimes, the refrigerant is leaking that it starts to pollute indoor air. Consequently, it also affects the cooling power of the air conditioning system.
  3. The AC lacks refrigerant. Ageing ACs see the need for a top-up of the refrigerant. Only licensed AC contractors can carry out this chore, and so their assistance is needed for this. 
  4. Weird sounds and odors. Homeowners who experience weird sounds and strange odors usually reach for the phone and call up an AC professional to address the issue. And they are doing the right thing. 

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