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Most homes in 92129 are comfortably cool even during summer. However, some homes need an extra bit of help in keeping their homes as cold as they want to. Some homes in this area need two air conditioners to properly cool their home. But why is this so? Check out AC repair in 92129.

There are several reasons why a residence would need two air conditioners to keep their homes comfortably cool. Below are some of the reasons:

The 92129 is using a window-type air conditioning system 

Smaller homes in 92129 may choose to use window type air conditioners for some portions of their house since they do not see the need to install a centralized air conditioning unit. Usually, their air conditioners are just in the bedrooms to provide cooling comfort while they sleep or nap. For this reason, at least two window-type air conditioners are used in these households. 

The home in 92129 uses ductless split type units

Some homes in 92129 meanwhile choose to install ductless split type units. When a homeowner chooses a split type unit, it means that his home may not have a duct network for the central air conditioning unit, or he perceives split type units as a more economical and environment- friendly air conditioning option.

Ductless mini-split type units are usually installed in bedrooms and the living area. If there is a home office, then most likely an AC unit is installed in there too. Some homes choose to install a ductless unit in their kitchen and dining room. 

A 92129 does not have a duct network that is connected to all the areas in their house. For instance, an unfinished basement may not have a duct network so that the central air conditioning can reach the area. Once that homeowner suddenly decides to remodel that part of their house, he will need air conditioning in that area too. When that happens, he will need a new air conditioning equipment that could cool that part of the house. That is if he will not decide to retrofit his current central air conditioning duct network. 

AC repair and maintenance in 92129

Whatever the AC system, air conditioning units need regular home care, and periodic professional inspection, maintenance, and tune-up. This will help extend the lifespan of an air conditioning system and keep cooling bills from skyrocketing. Moreover, regular maintenance and servicing in 92129 will help prevent AC breakdowns that just bring about discomfort and inconvenience. 

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