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Higher levels of Heat is expected to occur in Escondido, California. Residents are already bracing for the rising mercury levels in their area. The increase in the demand for air conditioners and air conditioning related services have risen over the past few weeks in anticipation of the hot summer months. Some may have already been seeking for air conditioning maintenance and repair service. Some may even be considering upgrades. 

Escondido summer to get even hotter, residents prepare by seeking professional air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

How to prepare your Escondido home for the summer

Air conditioning can be considered a must for every Escondido home during the summer months. Here are some ways to prepare residential air conditioning systems for the summer months:

  1. Seek professional air conditioning maintenance and inspection services. Have a certified air conditioning technician inspect the whole house’s air conditioning system and vents if any. Through this safety inspection, the technician can appropriately evaluate the state of the AC system. The technician can determine whether there is a need for a thorough cleaning, repair, or maintenance, or if the AC needs to be replaced.
  • Have a thorough AC cleaning to keep the air conditioning systems running efficiently. A deep clean means that the indoor and outdoor AC fixtures are cleaned thoroughly. If the home utilizes a central heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, a deep clean would also mean cleaning of vents and air registers. When the AC is thoroughly cleaned, it can work efficiently and would use up less energy to keep the whole house in comfortably cold temperature. When less energy is used, electric bills will not hit the roof. 
  • Replace or clean out the AC filters. Check the operations manual of the air conditioning system and see if the filters are to be replaced or would need cleaning. If it needs to be replaced, know how often, and do so accordingly. If it only needs to be cleaned out, then get into the habit of cleaning it as regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the AC system periodically. Homeowners need to clean their mini-split, portable, and window type air conditioners regularly. Check out the manufacturer’s recommendations and incorporate it into one’s routine home maintenance schedule. Too much dirt on the AC’s indoor and outdoor units will overburden the AC system. The payback is possible to damage, and skyrocketing electric bills.
  • For homes that utilize air conditioning systems that have outdoor units, it is best to prep the areas surrounding the AC outdoor fixture. For instance, the outdoor unit itself should be cleaned and kept free from dust and debris. If trees are surrounding the unit, dried leaves and twigs should be removed too so that it does not fall on the outdoor unit.
  • Make sure that the air conditioning vents and registers are not being blocked. Sometimes air registers are accidentally blocked by furniture, upholstery, or even drapery. These prevent cold air from being blown through the whole house. Hence, it will be best to locate every air register and make sure that it is not blocked.
  • Make sure that the thermostat as well as remote controls if any have batteries. Sometimes, homeowners think their AC systems are failing, when in reality batteries of the thermostat or the remote controls have been drained already. Make it a habit to change the batteries regularly.
  • Upgrade to a smart or programmable thermostat. If the HVAC system is still connected to a traditional thermostat, then it will always be a great move to upgrade to a programmable thermostat at least. Having a programmable thermostat means better efficiency in terms of operating the HVAC system. The homeowner can set the thermostat to go higher when no one is at home so that the AC system will not be overburdened to work when nobody needs cooling. A smart thermostat meanwhile allows the homeowner to control the temperature according to usage patterns. The HVAC can also be operated through an app on the homeowner’s mobile phone, letting the homeowner have full control over the indoor climate in his house. This is perfect even for vacation homes or those that are rented out on a short term basis.
  • Ensure that the thermostat is not situated near home appliances and fixtures that emit Heat. For instance, the thermostat can have false readings when it is installed next to the oven, stove, or any cooking equipment. Move the thermostat to a better location so that it can accurately gauge the temperature.

Apart from these tips, it will also be beneficial to help out the air conditioning make the house comfortably colder. There are ways to ensure that the AC will be in top condition come summer. Not overworking it is foremost on the list. Fans can be used to spread cold air faster, drapes and curtains should be used to cover up windows, and air leaks should be sealed.

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