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The forecast of possible heat waves has been sending more and more Rancho Bernardo residents to prepare for the coming hot months. One way of keeping one’s home comfortable throughout the coming months has a well-maintained air conditioning system.

There is no escaping the intense heat waves at Rancho Bernardo.

No matter the system, air conditioners help in making summers more bearable. But when ill-maintained, it can just break down. For this reason, most home management and HVAC experts recommend that homeowners get their systems checked through an annual preventive maintenance procedure before summer. In Rancho Bernardo, where heat can be intense outdoors, periodic AC checks are crucial to ensure that the HVAC system will not bog down amid the summer months.

Another advantage of having annual preventive maintenance before the onset of summer is reduced air conditioning bills. A well-maintained air conditioning system is cheaper to run because the air con will not have to use up much energy to cool a room. Moreover, preventive maintenance can detect possible issues that could push usage bills to skyrocket. For instance, problems with the Freon charge or cooling can send the system to overwork and use more electricity than needed.

Here are some tips to help keep a home in Rancho Bernardo cool amidst the heat waves:

1. Seal what has to be sealed. There could be gaps around the house where cold air can escape. Insulate these areas, and seal them. Recessed lights, for instance, is the most common places where cold air can escape. If the light bulb is not labeled as airtight, then it needs insulation. Home improvement shops sell baffles that will help keep the recessed lights sealed against air leaks.

Gaps in other parts of the home can be sealed by flashing and caulking. Check these areas out so that the concern can be remediated as soon as possible. Weatherstripping in access doors, windows, among other ports of exit and entry within and outside the house can help keep cold air inside the home.

There are also door seals which can be brought from home improvement stores. These seals are easy to install at the bottom of the door so that cold air would not escape.

 2. Make use of drapes. Draperies will be a homeowner’s best friend, especially during the midst of a heatwave. Keep the sunlight from coming into the house during day time to help maintain a cold indoor climate. Drapes can also help prevent cool air from escaping through window gaps. 

If curtains do not match a house’s over-all interiors, then blinds will be okay too. Anything that could cover the window and prevent sunlight from directly shining inside the home can help the air conditioning keep a consistently comfortable temperature inside the house.

3. Another way to beat the heat waves in Rancho Bernardo is to dress comfortably cooler even inside the house. Dressing for the season will help anyone remain comfortable. This can also keep the HVAC system from getting overworked.

Dress in sleeveless cotton clothes and a pair of shorts. Pants made from light textiles or sundresses will also help keep people fresh.

4. Ensure hydration for everyone. Staying hydrated can help stay cool during intense heat waves. Make iced water available for everyone, especially children and the elderly. Encourage everyone to drink water, and make flavored ones too. Water can keep body temperature down and help avoid heatstroke.

5. Clean the outdoor unit. Make sure that the AC system’s outdoor unit is free from dust and debris so it can work efficiently. There are several ways to clean the outdoor unit quickly, and these tutorials are available online. Apart from the regular cleaning of the outdoor unit, the homeowner should also commission a contractor to clean both the indoor and outdoor units professionally. A professional cleaning will help prevent possible problems and make the AC run more efficiently.

6.  Regularly clean or replace air filters. Periodically cleaning or replacing air condition filters will help its mechanism operate more efficiently. Cleaning the filter reduces blockages that overwork the air conditioning system. For systems that call for replacement, a freshly replaced filter also ensures energy efficiency. Clean the vents and registers as well. Make sure nothing is blocking the air registers too.

If unsure as to how to properly maintain a home air conditioning system, there are reliable expert HVAC contractors that operate in the Rancho Bernardo Area. Consulting an HVAC expert should be done prior the summer months when most contractors are busy with repair, maintenance, and installation work. Better deals are also offered before summer when demand for repair and maintenance services tend to increase.

If the homeowner suspects that his HVAC system is due for replacement or upgrade, replacing the HVAC is also best done before summer. Get in touch with a trustworthy AC professional to have the current system assessed if it needs to be replaced. If it needs to be upgraded, research about the best system for one’s existing home design. Find the best deals for the pull-out and replacement so that the home is prepared to face the intense summer months.

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