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Professional AC servicing in Rancho Santa Fe is fairly easy to find. Just call a trusted neighbor or friend based in the same community, then a person can most likely get hold of a recommended air conditioner servicing company. 

A newly serviced air conditioner promotes better indoor air quality at a Rancho Santa Fe home.

A homeowner of a newly constructed or renovated home can also reach out to his contractor to ask for a referral to an AC servicing company. The company that installed or upgraded the AC unit can also provide servicing and maintenance for a residential air conditioning system. 

Otherwise, the homeowner can get in touch with the local representative of their AC manufacturer to ask if they can recommend a local AC servicing contractor in Rancho Santa Fe. 

An Online Search for AC Servicing in Rancho Santa Fe

If recommendations are scarce, the homeowner can just go online and check out reputable websites where a list of licensed Air Conditioner Servicing companies are found. These websites include the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) Webpage and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). Both websites feature a database of contractors that provide air conditioner service in Rancho Santa Fe. In the BBB’s case, it even features feedback and complaints on AC companies, if any. 

Some websites that can also provide helpful information on good performing AC repair and servicing companies, include crowdsourcing websites like Angie’s List,, and These websites have an online directory of local service companies, including AC repair and maintenance contractors. They also provide customer feedback on these contractors, to help their readers decide on whom to hire. 

Safety Tips in Searching for AC Servicing in Rancho Santa Fe

Homeowners have to be cautious though about social media searches because again not everyone peddling their services in a social media marketplace are legitimate service providers. Some of them might not have the appropriate credentials to carry out AC servicing. They may also not have valid insurance that could take care of possible damages, accidents, and injuries. Moreover, the security and health risk of hiring an unlicensed AC service person is not worth any savings that could be garnered from their lower rates.  

What to Expect During an AC Servicing in Rancho Santa Fe

Homeowners can expect the following during the service inspection for their air conditioner: 

  1. Changing the filter if needed. If the filter is washable, then it will be washed and thoroughly dried before re-installation. 
  2. Checking of the evaporator and condenser coils to ensure that it is clean and unclogged. A clear and unobstructed condenser and evaporator effectively absorbs and releases heat.
  3. Checking of the levels of refrigerant, and if these are leakages. 
  4. Cleaning of the drainage and condensate pans to ensure that they are not clogged. 
  5. The cleaning and lubrication of parts like fan motors to ensure they will not burn out during heavy use.
  6. The checking of electrical connections towards the air conditioning unit.
  7. Recalibrating the thermostat and ensuring that it functions correctly. 

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