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As residents of Rancho Santa Fe are bracing for the hot summer months, more and more homeowners ensure that they will have reliable, non-stop air conditioning. Summer months tend to get warmer as the years’ pass, and losing air conditioning even for a day can be very uncomfortable for anyone who stays mostly indoors.

Beautiful summers in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

New homeowners may not have to do much when it comes to ensuring optimal air conditioning in the coming months. They only have to keep a routine cleaning of both their indoor and outdoor units. Owners of new or recently upgraded AC systems would also have to be on top of their filter cleaning or filter replacement. 

As for homeowners with AC Systems that have been installed several years ago, here are some tips to ensure a hassle-free air conditioning this summer:

1. Have a certified technician check the home AC system. Only a professional HVAC Contractor can detect both minor and significant issues that need immediate attention. They can also see potential problems that could give way to air conditioning problems. More importantly, once they see these issues, they can immediately report it to the homeowner and repair as needed.

2. Upgrade if there is a need. If the air conditioning system is pending for upgrade then now may be the time to replace the HVAC system. Do not wait for the peak summer months where air conditioners are in demand, and its price tends to get higher. An honest evaluation of the current state of the home HVAC system can help in deciding about the upgrade.

3. For HVAC systems that are adjudged in good working condition, professional cleaning may be what is needed. Have a certified HVAC technician thoroughly clean the outdoor and indoor air conditioning units. Have the vents and air registers checked and cleaned? Ask as well if the Freon levels are still enough, or if there is a need to top up on the refrigerant.

4. Remain on top of the filter replacement or cleaning routine. A clean filter ensures that the AC is not overworked. When an air conditioning unit is functioning efficiently, issues will be far from occurring.

5. Make sure that the thermostat is working well. The thermostat is a crucial component of a home’s air conditioning system. Its batteries should be routinely checked and replaced if needed. It should not be installed near sources of heat such as the oven and the stove, or other home appliances that generate heat.

If the thermostat is outdated, consider purchasing a programmable one. A programmable thermostat does not only help in lowering electric bills, but it also aids

5. Help out the AC. There are ways to improve the AC function optimally during the summer months. First, make sure that all gaps within the house have been sealed or re-caulked. These gaps let cold air escape the room and allows the warm air in. When cold air is not contained within the house, the AC works doubly harder, and the HVAC tends to consume more energy. Higher energy consumption means increases in utility bills.

Another way to help the AC attain its maximum efficiency is by using ceiling fans, desk fans, and stand fans all over the house. These electric fans help spread around the cold air produced by the HVAC much rapidly. It also cools people effectively since it blows air directly unto their bodies.

Avoiding the use of heat-emitting appliances can also help make a home cooler. Avoid using the oven and indoor cooking appliances that radiate heat during the summer months. The heat emanating from these appliances can affect the general indoor climate inside the house.

Experts also encourage homeowners to wear comfortable clothing during the summer months. Light, cotton clothes are the best loungewear during the summer. Taking showers more often can also help the body feel fresher, primarily upon returning from a trip outside the house.

Homeowners should also make sure that the HVAC vents and air registers are not blocked. Sometimes appliances, furniture, home fixtures, and even draperies cover these vents. When the vents are included, the AC’s function is impeded. It will be best to go around the house and check all the AC vents.

Rancho Santa Fe may experience a much hotter summer months ahead, but this is no reason to stay uncomfortable indoors. It will be best to keep on top of the air conditioning efficiency levels. Have a routine maintenance inspection, and carry out repairs as needed. It will also be in the best interest of the homeowner to stop postponing an HVAC upgrade. It could be more expensive to repair during the peak summer months. Replacement and installation will likewise cost higher too.

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