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Why is my A/C running constantly?

Air conditioners work 24 hours a day, seven days a week during summer months, but it does not mean they should also run 24/7. For ACs, running and working are two different things, because the latter means the air conditioner continuously cycles...

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How does a condensate drain pan work?

For the uninitiated homeowner, the term Condensate Drain furnace Pan may seem foreign and too technical. In reality, though, the condensate drain pan is one of the simplest-looking mechanisms within the furnace system. It is simple yet very...

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What does BTU Mean For Your Furnace/AC?

BTU is a word often thrown in by heating and cooling contractors during new construction work, renovations, or HVAC upgrades. Homeowners must be familiar with this technical term because it equates to the capacity of the HVAC unit and its...

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